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A brief introduction of brands

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  • NEH


    The brand "NEH" was built in 2005, The principle to build this brand "NEH" is base on Natural(Organic),Eco friendly and Health. The brand "NEH" takes the first letter from Natural,Eco friendly and Health. We devote to design and to make Natural, Eco Friendly and health products for our clients.
  • SCMO


    The brand "SCMO" is also a company name, It designed according to China philosophy of “Theory of five elements” and "Fengshui", SCMO in Chinese is "Xun Mu",The word "Xun" in Chinese is that she can go everywhere in the world with a mission,And our mission is to help everybody more healthier,The word"Mu" in Chinese is that we should be working hard and knowhow each day,So SCMO(Xunmu) is that we should be working hard and knowhow each day to help every body more healthier.


    With the development of science technology, The world became more colorful in material field than before, The things changed in many fields, Most of people have got a lot of benefits from physical side, however, It is imbalance between physical side and mind&soul sides. The brand BESELF was built to design and develop related products to help people to get the balance between physical side and mind&soul sides.


    The concept of "Eco friendly" is our principles to design the products and to make the products and to build our bands. In 2010, There was a diet pills which had a serious side effect. We realized there was a very good opportunity for us to push our detachable hula hoop,People always said"Lose weight, Use hula hoop", We just have got something from it, So we built the brand" Weight Hoop"for our hula hoop.Now the weight hoop is registered in China,US and EU


    With the development of IT, Which changed most of people's working manners to sit for a long time.A long time sitting brings the bag problem for our spine, We often feel low back pain and neck pain, This chronic pain threaten our better life, We devote to help people to improve their conditions, That was the reason the brand "magic back support" was built in 2011.Now the brand "magic back support" is registered in China,US and EU
  • A brief introduction of our team

    A brief introduction of our team

    Research&Development We look our R&D team as our developing power,We always put 10% net profit into R&D, We are looking into the market and analyzing the market trend, Which generates a lot of idea, We pick up some to communicate with our professional customers around the world.Some agreed idea will become design sketch, communicate again and again......, finally the drawing is generated by our R&D team, The next is to make a final sample, Then we go to the next step-"Manufacture"

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