Participate in ISPO Munich in 2020

Following ISPO Munich in 2013, the company has participated in ISPO Munich several times in succession, and has been recognized by all sectors of society and has a good evaluation.

Overview of the 2020 exhibition:
In January 2020, ISPO MUNICH, the world’s largest and most complete 50th outdoor sporting goods exhibition, will be held at the New Munich Exhibition Center in Germany. ISPO Munich, Germany, was founded in 1970. As the world’s number one sporting goods and fashion fair, it has maintained a good upward momentum for decades. The content of ISPO Winter Exhibition covers all kinds of products and related industries related to sporting goods. Each exhibition is exhibited in several different “exhibition areas”, focusing on display and highlighting themes, showing the professionalism of ISPO Sex and authority.


In 2019, ISPO opened all 18 exhibition halls for the first time, attracting 2,943 exhibitors from around the world, of which 334 exhibitors participated for the first time, the proportion of international exhibitors exceeded 83%, and there were more than 850,000 visitors from more than 120 countries around the world. Visiting the exhibition continued the good momentum in 2018. Overseas visitors accounted for 68% of the share, mainly from Italy, Austria, France and the United Kingdom. In addition, ISPO MUNICH2019 has also successfully launched an e-sports zone. The establishment of the new zone has created huge opportunities for the entire sports industry, which is particularly conducive to winning young target groups.

Exhibits in 2020:
Winter sports goods, outdoor sports goods, snow sports and equipment, board sports (skateboard/snowboard), fitness equipment and accessories, sports equipment and equipment, sports functions (shooting/shoes/ball and indoor sports/team sports Etc.), sportswear/leisure wear, fabrics and accessories, sports lifestyle, new brand launches in the industry, media/associations/service providers, etc.

Exhibition time: January 26-29, 2020
Our booth: C3.431-6, C3.508-5, C1.617-8, C3.431-6, C4.329-7
Exhibition scale: The world’s largest outdoor sports exhibition with the most complete categories
Exhibition area: 180,000 square meters, Exhibition alias: ISPO; ISPO MUNICH; German outdoor exhibition; German sporting goods exhibition; German ISPO

Yoga products, exhibition C3.508-5

Hula hoop and backboard products, exhibition C4.325-1

Welcome to Xunmu! We are glad that you found us here and are ready to take the next step towards optimal health and happiness!

We are a team from China. Both Chinese culture and Indian culture have used acupressure in some form for more than 5,000 years. It is still widely implemented in China today. In India, yogis use (and still use) a bed of nails to help them improve meditation and promote healing. In Western civilization, these practices are quickly recognized as an alternative medical care that is very effective against many diseases. Therefore, we have a passion for the continuous development and use of natural therapies. Our goal is to provide beautiful, high-quality products to customers who share our passion, enrich the lives of our customers, and enrich the lives of people they care about most. To this end, we focus on our greatest asset, which is health.

Our advantage is reflected in the strong productivity of our country. We strive to be the most perfect for each product, and research different products according to different parts of the body to achieve better treatment effects. According to the innate wisdom of the body, and make it play the best role. Our products use pure natural materials and avoid chemical compounds as much as possible, so that they are sustainable not only for you but also for the earth. Our point of view is not only to allow our clients to have a healthy body, but also to consider how to live easily on earth and how to nourish the whole body, mind and soul.

Finally, we hope that through our joint efforts with you, we can bring health to more people, and let more customers experience natural therapies through the use of our products, so that the body can be improved and relieved to a certain extent, and let us embrace together A good healthy life!

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